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Rubber Antenna

17 inches All-Terrain Flexible Rubber Antenna works with Jeep Wrangler JKJL (2007-2018) - SPRING STEEL INTERNAL CORE


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Fits: 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler

Long awaited, Longer All-Terrain Rubber antenna. Better reception than the common 13" size on the market!!

STAINLESS STEEL THREADS!!!! Common thread material is brass which is much weaker.

Your MAST Broken, Deteriorating, Stolen or Bent? Looking for an antenna to get rid of that obnoxiously tall un-stylish antenna your vehicle comes with? Looking for the BEST flexible rubber antenna option available on the market? Then look no further, this is the antenna solution for you!! This AM/FM Antenna features extreme durability which is provided by its superb flexibility due to its pliable rubber construction, useful when the road ends and going off terrain, through car washes, or simply want a custom mast that is short and flexible. One must note that there is a surplus of short rubber antenna options available but most of them are too flexible or not flexible enough! So this set us out on a mission, to design a short All-Terrain rubber antenna that actually performs. Well, we are EXCITED to announce that we have accomplished our goal and now offer an All-Terrain flexible short antenna that will not look like a wet noodle in the wind and will spring back to its initial shape! This is done so with using a high quality internal spring-steel core. The spring steel core allows it to have a backbone yet be flexible enough to move when needed and spring back to shape when your vehicle is no longer in motion or being used when mudding and playing around.

** This antennas main design is for appearance enhancements. Its AM/FM radio reception performance is great for local stations (Satellite Radio/Navigation/Bluetooth not effected) - SPRING STEEL INTERNAL CORE. 

  • Color:Black
Rubber Antenna

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