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Aluminum Antenna 

5 inches Black Aluminum Antenna works with Ford Mustang Convertible 2015-2018


Processing Technology

CNC Machining

Fits: 2015-2018 Ford Mustang Convertible

5" SHORT Custom Black Billet Aluminum Antenna

Manufactured and Finished in JSD!!

Made Specific for Ford Mustangs!!

Ships from Wisconsin!! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Period!

Your mast Broken, Deteriorating, Stolen or Bent? Looking for an antenna to get rid of that obnoxiously tall un-stylish antenna your vehicle comes with? Then look no further, this is the antenna solution for you!! With an anodized Black aluminum construction, this antenna will surely set your ride apart from others. This is a direct replacement screw on mast and is specific for your Ford Mustang. The bottom of this antenna is dimensionally perfect to fit flush to the Mustang Base. This is not a universal antenna!!

MADE HERE IN JSD!!! Yes, This is a locally developed antenna we JSD family are very PROUD of. Our experience with fit and finish is: If you want it done right, you must do it yourself! So, we have chosen to have these manufactured and anodized here in JSD.

This antenna is made of 6061 grade aluminum construction and finished with a durable Anodized Coating. With our black color anodizing option, we offer a Hardcoat Anodizing feature. This provides a thicker more durable protective coating which will help the antenna stand up longer to extreme temperatures and exposure to direct sunlight. The hardcoat feature is only available with our darker black color due to initial process turning the aluminum darker. The anodized coating cannot peel or flake off. It is part of the metal and gives the aluminum a deeper, richer metallic appearance. 

** This antennas main design is for appearance enhancements. Its AM/FM radio reception performance is great for local stations (Satellite Radio/Navigation/Bluetooth not effected).

Aluminum Antenna 
5 inches Black Aluminum Antenna works with Ford Mustang Convertible 2015-2018
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