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Car Exterior Modification 15 class

Author:JSD Click: Time:2018-07-02 17:53:42

1Car Body Kits

Car Body Kits by the scientific name is the body "air spoiler assembly", mostly carbon fiber materials. It can increase the body length, reduce the center of gravity, improve the air movement characteristics around the car body and improve the stability of the vehicle at high speed. However, most of the body kits in the market are not verified by strict aerodynamics, which may not obviously improve the aerodynamic characteristics around the car body, and are more designed for the sake of the beauty of the car.

2Car Body Sticker

Car Body Stickers come from racing, and because all teams need the support of multiple sponsors, the colorful sponsorship logo has become a "superlative ad". As long as there are sports venues, fans will like, so soon driving on the urban and rural roads on the private car will also put up a lot of stickers, its content is nothing more than modified factory brand, accessories trademarks, lubricating oil advertising, and so on.



If you like sports, you must also have a certain "sports style" to drive, so it's a good choice to have a tail wing for your car. The design principle of the rear wing of an automobile is based on the rear wing of an airplane. For a long time in the past, it has been widely used in racing cars before being transplanted to ordinary cars.

Today, the most of cars are made of fiberglass or carbon fiber, light and tough, with a nice tail, and your car will be more alive.

4 Car Rust

There are two main parts: chassis rustproof (chassis, chassis skeleton) and car rustproof (including skirt, fender, door cavity, trunk, engine cover). Since the main anti-rust treatment method is to spray composite coating on metal surface (that is, "plastic seal"), and anti-rust chassis is the focus, so the car owners called anti-rust treatment "chassis plastic."


5 Skylights

It is said that a car without skylights is like a building without a balcony, even if the building is luxurious and spacious, without a balcony, it is always a great pity. The balcony can't open by itself, but the car skylight can. The skylight can make the turbid air flow out of the car quickly, complete the circulation of the air inside the car; reduce the use time of the car air conditioning, save fuel consumption; bright light in the car, driving in the sun, the mood is particularly comfortable.


6 Bursting Diaphragm

Into the summer, the continuous high temperature and hot sun will make the car "steam cage", explosion insulation film must be indispensable the most basic "equipment", to have a luxury feeling it is essential. Explosion-proof insulation film can block most of the UV, most of the heat, good brand light transmittance is good, does not affect driving.


7 Xenon Lamp

At present, the head lamp of medium and high-grade car has begun to equip xenon lamp. Compared with the traditional halogen lamp, xenon lamp has 5 times product life, three times higher luminance efficiency, but only about 1 / 2 of the power consumption.


8 Guard Bar

For a sports car, the guard bar is essential. It can make the car appear thick and plump. On the one hand, it can cushion the impact force in the accident and protect the body, on the other hand, it can make the mass-produced model have distinct personality.

According to the different installation position, the automobile guard bar is divided into front bar, rear bar and side bar (or side pedal).

9 PDC Parking Distance Control

It may be superfluous for skilful car owners, but it may be essential for new car owners; it can reduce unnecessary trouble and loss. Reversing radar can show the distance of obstacles and be alerted in danger, especially for invisible steps, short walls, railings, narrow parking spaces and night reversing. Even in crowded urban areas, reversing can be foolproof.


10 Capstan

Capstan is also called a self-rescuer. As the name implies, when a car with this equipment is stuck in a quagmire or swamp, even if no one helps the owner, he can save himself. When the winch is in operation, a fixed point is required to provide traction to the trapped vehicle. Fixed points can be rocks, trees can be other vehicles.


11、 Spotlight

All four-driver enthusiasts always like to add a number of beautiful lights. A beam of light with the effect of concentrating light, allowing it to converge within a smaller range and with the furthest range, which is easy to detect by other road users even as it gallops on a highway; and when travelling in the jungle, It can also be used for searching, searching and saving in the dark environment.


12 Car Roof Rack

The overhead rack not only makes the car cool, but also makes it useful when you go on a trip. Generally speaking, station wagon and SUVs are more suitable to install roof rack.

13Spare Tire Cover

Every car has a spare tire, and the SUV's spare tire is mostly hung behind the body, the sun and rain, easy aging, so it is necessary to wear a "dress"-equipped with a spare tire cover. In addition, the spare tire cover also has very good decoration effect, makes the whole body coordinated beautiful.


14Rain Shelter

In a perennial rainy area, rain shelter is a useful little thing. Even if it rains, you can open a few windows that can be ventilated and moisturized.

15 Wheel Cover

A wheel cover is an ornament used to block low-grade rims. Different shapes, beautiful appearance, mounted on the wheel to make the whole body more beautiful.

Wheel cover according to the main material distinguish aluminum alloy cover and plastic cover two kinds.

Car Exterior Modification 15 class
Car Body Kits by the scientific name is the body "air spoiler assembly", mostly carbon fiber materials. It can increase the body length, reduce the center of gravity, improve the air movement characte
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