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Car modification - Body Kits Classification and Selection

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1.  Body Kits——Car body exterior spoiler

The main role is to reduce the reverse air flow generated by the car while increasing the car's down force. Makes the car run more smoothly, thereby reducing fuel consumption.


2.The Body Kits is basically divided into two categories: pump handles and lip models.

Pump the type of siege is the original front and rear bar the entire demolition, and then put on another pump.

Lip type is surrounded by the original bumper plus half of the lower lip, this section surrounded by the quality and installation technology is very high requirements.

3.How to choose the right Car Body Kits for your car:

(1) Engine cover: light weight, good strength, at the same time can withstand high temperature.

      It's best to take the heat away from the engine.

(2) Head lip: The head lip is the most outstanding appearance individuality Aero PARTS, and installs the owner is also the most!

(3) Front pump to the spoiler: at present, the adult gas canard can be counted is to fight for the head has more than the point down force the most effective aero PARTS, installation of the growing number of people.

(4) Gt-wing, the main wing and the body of the gap distance below 2CM, if more than this number, the main wing both ends length and the door of the sand plate to reserve 16.5CM (per side).

(5) Hem: The height of the vehicle surrounded by the height and the ground distance should not be less than 9CM (about a packet of smoke). and the catalytic heating plate and the ground distance can not be less than 5CM. So we should pay more attention to it!

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