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Four Misunderstandings of Car Body Modification

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Abstract: In this era of personalization, cars are becoming more and more personalized, and many owners will refit their cars. However, many car owners have no way to modify the body, and they have entered a misunderstanding.


Myth 1: blindly add tail

The rear wing is not suitable for the addition of tail fins for all models. It serves as a component to enhance the stability of the vehicle body. The large-displacement models with faster speeds are more suitable for the installation of tail fins, while the addition of tail fins for small-displacement models is only an eye addiction.

Since many owners choose aluminum-magnesium alloy tails, the overall weight of the body increases; and the high and prominent tail wings increase the vehicle resistance, resulting in increased vehicle fuel consumption. Therefore, while the owner is installing the fins, he must not blindly add or install oversized fins.

Myth 2: Freely expand the size of the car's wheels

Refitting a hub is not as simple as changing a rim. Appropriately refitting the hub can not only increase the glamorous index of the vehicle, but also improve the vehicle performance. On the contrary, it is counterproductive.

The wide and flat tires used with large wheels can effectively reduce the lateral swing of the vehicle and further improve the handling and stability of the vehicle. Therefore, many owners will choose the largest possible hub. However, it should be noted that the flatter the tires, the worse the shock absorption performance and the driving comfort will be greatly reduced. In addition, when replacing tires with hubs, generally do not change tires that differ from the original tire's total diameter by more than 3 cm, otherwise it will increase fuel consumption, resulting in acceleration and weakness. Even when the direction is full, it will reach the inner edge of the wheel arch, causing tires. Abnormal wear and misalignment.

Myth 3: Ignore car bumpers

In order to display the "mark" of the modified car, many owners will choose to remove the original car bumper, and then install a large-size FRP body, which is considered to not only show the different "identity" of the modified car, but also improve the vehicle's performance. In fact, this has virtually hidden dangers in the safety of vehicles. Because the original bumper of the vehicle will absorb energy when it collides, once it is removed and replaced with a hard-filled FRP, the person and the car may be more seriously injured in the event of a vehicle collision.

Myth 4: Large diameter exhaust pipe makes the speed faster

In addition to the appearance of personality, there is also a purpose of car modification, which is to improve the speed performance of the vehicle. Therefore, some owners who did not perform "surgery" on the power, believe that installing large-diameter exhaust pipes not only makes the vehicle's "roaring" sound more powerful, but also allows the car to have more powerful power.

In fact, under the premise that the engine is not modified, replacing only the exhaust pipe does not increase the power.

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